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wokwi-tm1637-7segment Reference

Seven segment LED display module with TM1637 4-wire interface

Wokwi TM1637 Seven Segment

Pin names

CLKClock input
DIOData input *
VCCSupply voltage

* The DIO pin is also used for acknowledging the data received from the microcontroller, by pulling it down at a specific clock cycle.


NameDescriptionDefault value
colorThe color of the segment LEDs"red"

Using the 7-segment display

This variant of the seven segment display uses the TM1637 chip. You'll only need 2 microcontroller pins to communicate with it.

The TM1637 communication protocol is non-standard. It resembles the I2C protocol, but it is simpler and incompatible with I2C. Luckily, you can use a library and not worry about the implementation of the protocol. Here are some TM1637 libraries you can use on Arduino: RT1637_RT(, Grove 4-Digit Display.

Simulator examples