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ks2e-m-dc5 Relay Reference

Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) Relay

Pin names

COIL1First terminal of the coil
COIL2Second terminal of the coil
P1First pole
NC1Normally closed - connected to P1 when coil unpowered
NO1Normally open - connected to P1 when coil powered
P2Second pole
NC2Normally closed - connected to P2 when coil unpowered
NO2Normally open - connected to P2 when coil powered


The relay is an electronic switch with two states: coil unpowered, and coil powered. By default, the coil is unpowered. You can power the coil by applying voltage between the pins COIL1 and COIL2.

When the coil is unpowered, P1 is connected to NC1, and P2 is connected to NC2 (NC means for normally closed/connected).

When the coil is powered, P1 is connected to NO1, and P2 is connected to NO2 (NC means for normally open/disconnected).

The following diagram summarizes the states of the relay:

Relay connections diagram

Simulator Examples