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Welcome to Wokwi!

Wokwi is an online Electronics simulator. You can use it to simulate Arduino, ESP32, STM32, and many other popular boards, parts and sensors.

Here are some quick examples of things you can make with Wokwi:

Why Wokwi?

Start right now.

No waiting for components, or downloading large software. Your browser has everything you need to start coding your next IoT project in seconds.

Mistakes are okay.

You can't destroy the virtual hardware. Trust us, we tried. So don't worry about frying your precious components. And unlike real hardware, you can always undo.

Easy to get help and feedback.

Sharing a link to your Wokwi project is all you need.

Gain confidence in your code.

Separate hardware and software issues.

Unlimited hardware.

No need to scavenge parts from old projects. Use as many parts as you need, without worrying about project price and stock.

Maker-friendly community.

A place for you to share your projects, ask for help, and get inspiration.
Wokwi Discord Community

Unique Features

  • WiFi simulation - Connect your simulated project to the internet. You can use MQTT, HTTP, NTP, and many other network protocols.
  • Virtual Logic Analyzer - Capture digital signals in your simulation (e.g. UART, I2C, SPI) and analyze them on your computer.
  • Advanced debugging with GDB - Powerful Arduino and Raspberry Pi Pico debugger for advanced users.
  • SD card simulation - Store and retrieve files and directories from your code. Club members can also upload binary files (such as images)
  • Chips API - Create your own custom chips and parts, and share them with the community.
  • Visual Studio Code integration - Simulate your embedded projects directly from VS Code.

How much does it cost?

Wokwi is free to use. Professional and frequent users can join the Club, influence our development roadmap, and get access to advanced features.