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Wokwi for VS Code

Wokwi for Visual Studio Code provides a simulation solution for embedded and IoT system engineers. The extension integrates with your existing development environment, allowing you to simulate your projects directly from your code editor.

You can use Wokwi for VS Code with Zehpyr Project, PlatformIO, ESP-IDF, Pi Pico SDK, NuttX, Rust, Arduino CLI, MicroPython, and other embedded development frameworks and toolchains.

Wokwi for VS Code running an ESP-IDF project


First, install the Wokwi for VS Code extension. Then, press F1 and select "Wokwi: Request a new License". VS Code will ask you confirm opening the Wokwi website in your browser. Confirm by clicking "Open".

Then click on the button that says "GET YOUR LICENSE". You may be asked to sign in to your Wokwi account. If you don't have an account, you can create one for free.

The browser will ask for a confirmation to send the license to VS Code. Confirm (you may have to confirm twice, once in the browser, and once in VS Code). You'll see a message in VS Code that says "License activated for [your name]". Congratulations!

Example Projects

To configure Wokwi for your own project, see the Project Configuration page.

If you just want to get started quickly and play around with Wokwi for VS Code, here are some example projects, preconfigured with diagram.json and wokwi.toml files.


Before simulating any of the following projects, you need to compile the code and generate the firmware / ELF file. Consult the project's README file for instructions on how to compile the code.

Platform IO Examples

ESP-IDF Examples

STM32 Examples

ESP32 + Rust


Check out the MicroPython on Wokwi for VS Code repo for examples and instructions.

Sming Framework

Arduino Extension Examples

Other Examples