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I2C Device API

To create an I2C device, first call i2c_init, passing in an i2c_config_t struct. This struct defines the SCL/SDA pins, the I2C device address, and the connect/read/write/disconnect callbacks.

i2c_dev_t i2c_init(i2c_config_t *config)

Initializes an I2C device. The config argument defines the pins, address, and callbacks for the I2C device. It contains the following fields:

addressuint32_tListen for requests matching the given I2C address (7-bit). To listen for all requests, set to 0
sdapin_tThe SDA pin
sclpin_tThe SCL pin
connectcallbackCalled when the chip is addressed on the I2C bus
readcallbackCalled when the microcontroller wants to read a byte of data from your chip
writecallbackCalled when the microcontroller writes a byte to your chip
disconnectcallbackCalled when the microcontroller disconnects from your chip
user_datavoid \*Data that will be passed in the first argument of the callbacks

All the callbacks (connect, read, write, disconnect) are optional. They all use the user_data pointer as their first argument.


Note: i2c_init can only be called from chip_init(). Do not call it at a later time.


bool on_i2c_connect(void *user_data, uint32_t address, bool read) {
// `address` parameter contains the 7-bit address that was received on the I2C bus.
// `read` indicates whether this is a read request (true) or write request (false).
return true; // true means ACK, false NACK

uint8_t on_i2c_read(void *user_data) {
return 0; // The byte to be returned to the microcontroller

bool on_i2c_write(void *user_data, uint8_t data) {
// `data` is the byte received from the microcontroller
return true; // true means ACK, false NACK

void on_i2c_disconnect(void *user_data) {
// This method is optional. Useful if you need to know when the I2C transaction has concluded.

static const i2c_config_t i2c1 {
.address = 0x22,
.scl = pin_init("SCL", INPUT_PULLUP),
.sda = pin_init("SDA", INPUT_PULLUP),
.connect = on_i2c_connect,
.read = on_i2c_read,
.write = on_i2c_write,
.disconnect = on_i2c_disconnect,
.user_data = chip,