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Analog API

float pin_adc_read(pin_t pin)

Measures the current voltage on the given pin, and returns it. The pin must be set to ANALOG mode, otherwise the return value of this function is undefined. Note that Wokwi is a digital simulator with basic analog support, so there is currently very limited analog simulation. Some parts which support analog output include the potentiometer, NTC temperature sensor, photoresistor, and analog joystick.

void pin_dac_write(pin_t pin, float voltage)

Sets the analog voltage on the given pin. Currently, the reference voltage for all the virtual ADCs is 5 volts (regardless of the MCU), so setting the voltage to 0 will return the minimum value, and setting the voltage to 5 will return the maximum value (that is 1023 on Arduino). This may change in the future.

This method can be called before setting the pin to ANALOG mode, but the voltage will only update once the pin mode is set to ANALOG.

Simulator examples