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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Wokwi mean?

When choosing the name for Wokwi, we were looking for a short word that would be easy to pronounce and didn't have any meaning yet. We came up with a list of possible names, and picked the one we liked the most, Wokwi. Here are some of the names that didn't make it: Duvav, Hajuu, Chipine, Zeprr.

How do I find a project I saved previously?

If you haven't signed in to Wokwi, use the same device & browser that saved the project and visit https://wokwi.com/dashboard/projects. If you sign in to Wokwi before saving projects, that same URL will show all projects that you have saved on any device/browser. You can also navigate to your saved projects by clicking on your profile picture and selecting "My Projects" from the menu.

The simulation is slow, how can I make it faster?

There are many factors that can affect the simulation speed. Here are some tips that can help you get better performance:

  • Chrome is usually faster than Firefox.
  • For ESP32 / Pi Pico code, adding a delay(10); call at the beginning of loop() can help, as the simulator will have less work to do while the microcontroller is sleeping.

How does Wokwi work?

Wokwi compiles your code into a binary firmware, and then executes the binary firmware one instruction at a time, as a real microcontroller would. If you want to learn about the internals, check out the following resources: