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wokwi-ssd1306 Reference

Monochrome 128x64 OLED display with I2C interface

Pin names

NameDescriptionArduino Uno pin
DATAI2C data line (SDA)A4
CLKI2C clock line (SCL)A5
DC, RST, CSUnused*-
3V33.3V regulated output-
VINSupply voltage5V

* DC, RST and CS are for SPI mode. The SSD1306 simulation only supports I2C mode, so these pins are not functional.

The default I2C address of the SSD1306 module is 0x3c (60).


NameDescriptionDefault value
i2c-addressI2C address of the display"0x3c"

Using in Arduino

You can choose between several SSD1306 Arduino libraries:

All the above libraries are available on Wokwi.

Simulator examples