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Arduino Libraries

To include a library, go to the code editor and type # on an empty line. You'll see a autocomplete dropdown with #include suggestions for popular libraries.

By default, Wokwi compiles your code with the standard built-in Arduino libraries, such as Wire.h and SPI.h.

To add third-party libraries to your project, add a "libraries.txt" file to your project. List the libraries that you want to include, one library per line. Lines that start with "#" are comments.

For example, the following file will install the latest versions of Servo and FastLED, as well as version 2.3.0 of MySensors:

# Sample libraries.txt file:

# Install a specific version of a library:
[email protected]

You can find the library names in the Arduino Library Manager. Alternatively, you can find it inside the source code of the library. Look for the name field of the file.

At the moment, only libraries from the Arduino Library Manager are supported. If you need a library that is not available on the Arduino Library Manager, you can either copy the library source files to your project, or submit it to the Arduino Library Manager.