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Translating Wokwi

This page explains how you can contribute translations to Wokwi.

Translating the user interface

To translate the user interface into a new language, download the current version of the English strings file. The translation file is a text file in the standard JSON format. It can be edited by any text editor, as well as many translation tools.

If you wish to contribute translations to one of the existing language, you can download the translation file for the specific language from the list on this issue, and work your way from there.

When you are ready to submit your translations, please open an issue and attach the file. GitHub doesn't support directly attaching JSON files, so you can either copy the content of the file into your new issue, or zip it and attach the Zip file.

Not all the texts are currently available for translation, but we're adding new texts all the time. You can subscribe to this issue to get a notification whenever new texts are available for translation.

Existing translations